Anthony Garrett

Anthony Garrett, principal of Anthony Garrett and Associates, has over 30 years of experience building effective, winning teams.   Anthony provides the strategic skills and directions to help organizations and campaigns achieve their goals and move their agenda forward.  Initially trained in political campaigns, Anthony offers a wide range of services that include:  hands-on management of policy campaigns; strategic advice and guidance for organizational fund-raising and development; integrated communications strategies that include Internet advertising, and technology-based social marketing.

His ability to provide leadership and support from conception to launch – from start to finish — makes his services unique.  His breadth of knowledge and connections across issues, sectors and regions create new opportunities for the organizations he serves while providing hands-on service in a timely and affordable fashion.

Anthony describes one of his most significant accomplishments as using his experience on a local level to learn what it takes to win in politics and policy efforts in the more complex national and international playing fields.  He looks forward to working with your organization to produce winning results — the strategies, messages, technologies, resources and collaborations.  “I look forward to building YOUR organization’s winning team.  Together, we can leverage finite resources to maximize impact.”

Anthony Garrett is one of the best strategic and political strategists I have seen in Washington. He is smart, has impeccable integrity and knows Washington politics inside and out. I’m proud to have known and worked with him on and off Capitol Hill for more than 15 years.”
Terry Peel, former Staff Director, House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Foreign Operations
“Anthony is the most strategic mind in public affairs today. He has a keen understanding of technology’s impact on politics, people and governments – and he possesses the passion, intelligence and experience to win campaigns here and abroad.”
Michael Bassik, U.S. Digital Practice Chair, Burson-Marsteller
“Anthony is a ‘Can Do’ person with a winning way. He thinks big and also gets things done– a rare combination.”
Tara Sonenshine, former Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy, State Department
“Anthony Garrett is an invaluable colleague and friend. He is committed to ensuring that organizations with strong missions also adopt strong policy approaches. His guidance to Internews over the years has led to improved impact, stronger leadership in our field and growth of our mission. He is simply the best in the business.”
Jeanne Bourgault, President & CEO, Internews
“If you absolutely need to win, get Anthony Garrett.”
David Hoffman, Founder, Internews
“Politically savvy, smart communicator, and just plain fun to work with. Anthony gets my vote.”
Liz Schrayer, President & CEO, U.S. Global Leadership Coalition
“Several times when I have faced a tough situation with tough “customers”, and needed to get an outcome accomplished, I have asked Anthony to take the lead. Without fail, he has always come through with excellent results, and has helped other members of the team learn about how to be much more effective in their communications and outreach strategies.”
Dr. Oran B. Hesterman, President, Fair Food Network
“The great thing about Anthony Garrett and his work is that he brings BIG ideas to the table, asks organizations to think bolder than they would on their own and as a result stretch their capacity through the introduction of marketing strategies that come from within but communicate to the world out there.”
Richard McCarthy, Executive Director, Slow Food USA
“Anthony Garrett is one of the most creative, energetic, and strategic people I know. His passion and commitment to progressive causes shines through in everything he does.”
Jamie Metzl, Chief Strategy Officer, ORIG3N
“Anthony Garrett’s creative mind, unlimited persistence and results oriented attitude are unmatched in my DC experience. More than this, he is a friend and mentor whose voice has been invaluable to my life and career.”
Scott Mackey, Campaign Manager, Alliance in Support of the Afghan People
“There are few people that have both the kind of institutional savvy and passionate advocacy of Anthony Garrett. He has been an invaluable source of information and wisdom throughout my career as an advocate and strategist.”
Donna Bojarsky, Executive Director, Foreign Policy Roundtable
“Anthony Garrett brings strategic vision, innovative ideas and unparalleled focus. He understands technology, including when, how and why to leverage it to move opinion and deliver results. He is an asset to any team.”
Amy Niles Gonzalez, President, Blueprint Interactive
“Anthony Garrett, always well intentioned and good-humored, moves effectively among many worlds. Anthony has the unique ability to pinpoint the key players on all sides of an issue and bring those different groups into effective collaboration.”
Paul Greenberg, author of the New York Times bestseller “Four Fish—The Future of the Last Wild Food”
“Anthony is a gifted problem solver. He understands ideology, philosophy, values, and current politics, as well as how they inter-relate for a successful resolution.”
Tom Dine, Public Affairs Strategist
“I have known Anthony Garrett for over 20 years. Without exception I have found him to be completely professional and always uniquely knowledgeable about his field of expertise, well connected, articulate and persuasive, and charming as well!”
Elizabeth Colton, President, International Museum of Women
“There are people with big and creative vision, and there are others who excel at implementing that vision. Anthony is one of the few people who bring both assets to his work. That quality, combined with his integrity and collegiality, makes him highly valuable to any organization and accounts for his tremendous record of success.”
Jeff Weintraub, Principal, Weintraub Communications
“Anthony’s dedication to social justice, combined with his visionary and inclusive spirit, makes him a powerful asset to any organization or campaign.”
Alex Busansky, President, Impact Justice
“Anthony Garrett knows how to harvest good ideas. I’ve seen him grab concepts from different fields and disciplines and apply them in new and interesting ways for those people he helps. If you have a unique problem there is none better than Anthony Garrett.”
Marty Stone, Partner, Stones’ Phones
“Garrett is a winner; a coalition builder who knows how to move an issue to completion and get results.”
Joan Claybrook, President (ret.), Public Citizen
“Anthony Garrett uniquely combines street smarts with an overarching strategic vision that encompasses the challenges faced by the human spirit in the 21st century.”
Dr. Orlando Gutierrez, Co-Founder and National Secretary, Directorio Democratico Cubano
“I’ve known Anthony for about 25 years. He’s a knowledgeable, engaging, savvy and worldly-wise guy who nimbly and comfortably leads clients to their core issues and most effective strategies.”
Steve Cohen, Adviser, Cow Hollow Fund
“Anthony Garrett is a deeply experienced, hands-on strategist with an impressive track record of success.”
Richard Schlackman, President, RMS Associates
“Anthony Garrett is a rare breed, equally accomplished in both the science and the art of politics. He combines sophisticated political analysis and cutting-edge communications strategies with the experience, relationships and tenacity needed to get the job done.”
Allen Hance, Director, TRI-Lab, Brown University