How to Craft a Winning Strategy for Your Book

Please note: This article was not written with Tom Clancy, Bob Woodward, Danielle Steele or Sheryl Sandberg in mind. Rather, it’s for the other 99% of the authors out there. If you are part of the blessed 1%, congratulations! Please just ignore what is written here and turn the page.

Why Most Books Fail

Most books fail. I became interested in why this happens after observing so many of my friends and colleagues write truly insightful and impressive books. I have also hosted and attended numerous book parties across America. Although my friends’ books often received strong reviews from elite media such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and NPR, the books quickly disappeared from public view. Frequently, within weeks or months, they ended up being sold on Amazon for a dollar.

Authors often spend years conceptual­izing their books, writing them, working with editors, hiring agents, and engaging with publishers. The amount of energy and time Read More ›